Our Vision

The Muslims Unity Vision by Bommanahalli Babu, Reservation policy and injustice to the Muslim Community,Reservation to be given according to the Muslim population in Education,Employment,Economical & Political Sector.Reservation to be given in accordance with the 9th schedule of State Special Act of Indian Constitution.Reservation policy should be given as per Honorable Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission’s Report.Constituencies where Muslims are in Majority should not be declared as reserved constituency for S/C S/T.

Karnataka State Minority Commission,Judicial Powers as available to the SC/ST Commission to be given to the Minority Commission also.

Budget provisions for Muslims.Allocation of Budget to the Muslims should be enhanced in accordance of be Population in state as well as other Government local bodies.All Scheme has to be brought under Single Window System.

Modern Education in Madrasa.Modern Education to be introduced in Madrasa.Taking Responsibility of Development and Modernization of Madrasas.Madrasa shall be considered as aided school and facilities which are existing to aided school should continue and salary to be issue for Teachers and Staff from Government.Training for existing Religious Teachers for Modern Education in Madrasa and extra Teachers has to be appoint for Modern Education.Issuing Certificates to the student of Madrasa for further Education.

Board of Aukaf.To increase the income source of Wakf property special Development Committee has to be formed.For protecting Wakf properties powerful Acts to be brought.

False Criminal Cases Filed on Innocent Muslims.The Fast track trial Court system existing in the High Court should also be extended in district level and Session Court.Accountability should be fixed on the officials those who have booked false Police cases on innocent Muslims. The cost and compensation should be reserved from such officials who have misuse there powers in victimizing the innocents.Free and Fair Re-Police enquiry should be conducted on all pending trial cases and innocents should be released immediately.Adequate compensation should be given to the innocent under trails.There shall be minimum of to the Muslim official in every Police Station.

Women Empowerment.To encourage Women entrepreneurs special schemes to be created.

Muslim University.An exclusive university to be established for Muslim community.There shall be a separate study circle about Muslims issues in each and every university.

Curriculum in Schools/Colleges and universities .Muslim Freedom Fighters name and there contributions to the Freedom struggle be included in Schools, Colleges and Universities Curriculum.

The names of Muslim which were before Independence has to be Continue as mentioned in Official Gazette for Roads, Circles, Parks, School, Towns etc

Land & Housing facilities.Landless Poor Rural Muslim to be granted a minimum of 2 acres of land for agriculture purpose.House less Poor Muslim family should be provided houses in the area such as Local body and corporation limits.

Basic facilities.To develop areas where the Muslim Population is more. Special Schemes and Packages should be sanctioned.Primary health units should be open in all Muslim concentrated areas.