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Bommanahalli Babu founder of Muslims Unity wish to share the thoughts and ideas on an open forum with all of you. Muslims in India have ruled the country for almost 1000 years. Our contribution has been remarkable in the field of culture, polity, education, administration and science. The impact of which still reverberates in the culture of India. In the recent past,several years Muslims have proudly laid their lives for the Independence Movements of India. Till today a proud and pious Muslims is going his/her best for the development of our state, our region and our respected Country.

However sadly, the condition of Muslims in the country is pathetic. Be it in the field of Education, Economics, Social, Politics or Employment, we are not only lagging behind but are the most backward.

Inspite of being given a strong base by our Constitution of India, our development and interest have always been compromised. The political decision makers have constantly been using our community’s loyalties to achieve their interests and aspirations.

Muslims have been neglected in all the government schemes and providing basic facilities. It is not that the “Muslim Unity” forum is saying that the Muslims are backward, but it has been clearly and prominently stated in the famous “Justice Rajan Sachar Committee Report-2006”. The report authenticates that the Muslims are the most backward community in India, even more than the Dalits.

Closer to home, with a number of 80 lakhs, Muslims are the second largest community in Karnataka. We are today very obviously a deciding factor in the Karnataka Politics. Karnataka Muslim’s strength today is such that we can most prominently be the decision makers in all the 224 constituencies of the state. We constitute 8% - 50% of the voting population. Despite of being ‘the key players’ we have been side-lined and never given our just dues.

If Muslim community comes together now, we can be the Kings in at least 60-65 assembly constituencies. Not only this, we can be the “King Makers” in the rest. But ground reality remains that in-spite of this strength of the Muslim representation has been a feeble 12. The tragedy is that even these 12 Muslims leaders, who are representing the whole community, are not being given a free hand in deciding on the matters related to the upliftment of our community.

Friends, to obtain what is rightfully ours, to regain our last sights and opportunities, the need of the hour is to get united and understand the ground reality and to create an awareness among-st our community. So come, let us join our hand towards the MUSLIM UNITY in our great state of Karnataka.

Where is the need for unity? What For? How will it be possible?

Unity is needed to uplift the community. It is a fact that unfortunately we are divided even on petty things, this is a draw back for our progress. Our life is not dignified these days.

We need to progress in the field of education, economic sector and the value based life of our community.According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE 2014-15), Muslims of india comprise 14% of India’s population but account only for 4.5% of students enrolled in higher education. The Muslims lag behind in these four major areas which always play a important role in assuming power, or, at least in having a reasonable say in matters concerning our each and every citizen. Firstly, Muslims of India are divided on many lines one of them is political lines and we can say they have little or no national leadership. Secondly, they are hardly found in any of the country's civil services exam and public administration. Thirdly, the community is also grossly under-represented in the field of journalism and media. Moreover, Muslims in India have depressing entrepreneurial ambitions.

To achieve the above means, political empowerment is highly essential. To acquire political empowerment number of political representatives should increase. At this point I would like to make a mention that l dont have a political party of mine and not interested in creating a party of mine.Neither inviting people towards any particular party nor intend to disturb or create problem to any party. My only motto in this regard is to enhance the number of our representatives to the assembly and parliament for the sake of welfare of our community.

To achieve the above concept of unity among Muslims is the key for door. First of all we are not going to disturb any of our brothers who are already settled in their constituencies, If they require we will extend our supporting hands to them to make more fruit full.We consider them as our pillars of our community.

Further apart from the existing ones quantity of representatives should and must increase to achieve our aims and objectives for the benefit of our community as well as our beloved country.

About Mr.Bommanahalli Babu

Mr. bommanahalli babu gained his name as a successful bussinessman in the society. He is a major shareholder of Attica Gold Pvt. Ltd.

Mr Babu is originated from a Muslim background .Being a president of “Akhila Bharata Dalit & Minorities Kriya Samithi”, Mr. Bommanahalli Babu founded a new movement in the name of Muslims Unity in Karnataka .

If we stay out of politics then whom we wanted to keep away from us, only they will rule us.

- Bommanahalli Babu